When a problem arises, before communicating with the service, you can check this list of breakdowns and solve your problem quickly or move forward if you need to continue operating while you wait for the technician.

Engine part

If you are a technician or simply need to buy spare parts for your machine, this manual will serve as a reference to find the piece you are needing.
(*If you can not find a piece, it may be out of series)


The programming manual helps you to configure the computerized machine's keyboard. To be able in this way customize the preparation times of the coffee and facilitate the use of the machine to the operator.


The display is optional on the machines and is responsible for displaying and collecting information on the operation and performance of it. In addition to other relevant data as dates, emergency telephones (service), name of the place among other things. With this manual you will learn to set what you want to visualize in the display and obtain the necessary information.